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Kalwar, Marri & Khan

Performance Improvement Of Sale Order Detail Preparation By Using Visual Basic Applications: A Case Study Of Footwear Industry


Purpose: Purpose behind the automation of sale order detail report was to decrease the workload of the employee and at the same time, minimization of non-value added reporting tasks was also the target.

Methodology: Sale order detail report was used to be made at the planning department of ABC footwear Company. Authors learnt the manual steps and method so that they could translate them into the visual basic of applications (VBA) code for its automation in excel. Visual basic editor was used for the compilation and to run the coded macros. Time of each of the manual activities was recorded before and after the report automation so as to compare the efficiency of methods.

Findings: Since, the time study of both (manual and automated) methods was compared and the comparison indicated that the automated method took 84.42% less time than manual method. Furthermore, the accuracy of the report if prepared by new method was checked to be 100%. Most importantly, no single manual operation was left to be performed by the user in the report.

Importance: Human mind bears a limited workload and due to fatigue, irritation and frustration, it can cause an error and if that error is the part of big plan and associated with some amount of cost then that will not be bearable. Therefore, such tasks and activities should be automated because machine cannot be mistaken if the code and its execution is proper. In this regard, sale order detail report was automated at the planning department of ABC footwear Company.

Implications: Since, automation in excel reporting is not the permanent solution when there is the usage of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 in the company. Automation in excel is a good solution but it is not counted for the long run. Therefore, it was suggested to the company for the incorporation of the report into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Limitations: Major limitations of the present automated template included: excel file can get corrupted easily, if any error comes, there was no one in the company who could trace and solve that error.

Originality: Many researchers have used VBA for numerous purposes in the wide variety of works at the different platforms. Already conducted work includes: one of the researchers integrated production planning module of SAP with Excel for data analysis, another transferred the image data in excel spreadsheet and one of patents indicate that manpower resource planning report was automatically generated in MS project by use of VBA. In the light of conducted literature review, it was indicated that besides implementation of mathematical model by using VBA in excel, no work on the full report automation has been conducted in excel by the use of VBA. In this regard, due to immense need and highlighted research gap present research paper was organized.