Call for papers Volume-4, Issue-1, April 2022 Last date of submission : 31-04-2022

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A. D. Alagah & F. B. Tende

Information System Architecture And Enterprise Resource Planning: A Solution For Organising Business Information

Information communication technology (ICT) is seemingly a major driver in the proliferation and expansion of knowledge as experienced globally today. In light of this, the ICT sector, without doubt, plays a critical contributory role in aiding holistic technological advancement which appears to improve productivity at best and optimality at worse. A statistical submission by World Economic Forum as cited by Toader et al. (2017) indicates that a 10% increase towards digitalizing an economy is more likely to result in a 0.75% increase in per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP), leading to a 1.02% drop in unemployment ratio in the same economy. A similar position was taken by Bahrini and Qaffas (2019); they explained that every 1% increase in ICT investment has the potential of resulting in a 0.52% growth within the same economy. In the same vein, Sepehrdoust (2018) supported this standpoint with an empirical insight that holds that a 1% increase in financial investment in ICT is likely to result in 0.04% to 0.05% respectively in economic advancement. To further buttress this point, Bahrini and Qaffas(2019) explained that ICT infrastructure has given individuals, organizations, and governments across the globe better access to information and knowledge through mobile phones, fixed-line telephones, internet and/or intranet, and broadband- which has helped them make an informed decision at all times. In line with this, Toader et al. (2017) hold the view that ICT if expanded is likely to improve economic performance because it enables information availability to enhance economic and social life. Little wonder the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD] (2010)contends that ICT can reduce poverty through creating new jobs and by extension, new sources of income.